a gaming journal

louisylou: [louise-e-lou]
or just Lou.


to what I like to call my “gaming journal”. It is a mixture of firstly, virtual photography, or gametography

[the blending of gaming and photography]

as not only do I want to share the beauty of games, I have a fondness for photography and I am trying to apply photography techniques to gaming.  Secondly, there will be blog posts that will hopefully delve deeper into the world of not just gametography but gaming and my experiences playing video games.

 All I want at the end of the day is to show off the beauty of games; from virtual photography to writing about them. So, after A LOT of thinking about it, I decided to create a Patreon page, for more information about what Patreon is please click on this link. This would be an amazing way to join me on this journey because, firstly; I want to be able to create amazing content and one day be able to do this as a career, and secondly; it is another way that I can build up this community and hopefully reach bigger things.

Therefore, here is the link to my Patreon page; CLICK HERE

And I would like to say Thank You in advance, you are awesome.