Everspace [Part 2]

EDIT: So I had scheduled this post a few days before it was due to be published and I completely forgot to actually write anything here. Not that I have much to update on to be honest. I managed to get to sector three the other day! Then got distracted by taking pics and died haha but I am still really enjoying this game, it definitely has re-play value! One day I will finish the game! But I am actually really liking just going through and flying, I think if I actually tried I would be able to do this game perhaps in one sitting…maybe.

In other news, I finally downloaded the DLC’s for Assassin’s Creed Origins, so expect more pictures of that soon. Also, E3 is going on this week and I started a ‘games to get’ list! There are some really exciting games coming out that I cannot wait to play!

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