Every last Sunday of the month, I’ve been thinking for a little while that I would do a post where I highlight some of the ‘up and coming’ game releases (for the next month) that look as though they would be great for gametography; whether they are confirmed to have a photo mode or not. I’ve said this before that recently I’ve only really been playing games that have a photo mode, and it shouldn’t be like that, but I guess for more developers/studios to add photo modes into their games there has to be an interest, a reason to put it in.

[Side note: oooh #greatforgametography might be be an interesting hash tag to use for these posts…]

With my ‘4 Reasons Why ALL Game Should Have a Photo Mode‘ post, I state exactly that basically, that I believe all games should have a photo mode no matter what platform they are on; so not just for PC (PC) or PS4 (PS) or Xbox (XB), but for Switch (SW) or mobile too. So I wanted to kinda practice what I preach so to speak, I mean I cannot play ALL games released from today, but I want to highlight some of the range that look like gametographers could get creative with and that I am excited about seeing in-game photos from. Again, I cannot highlight all the games that will be released each month, but I wanted to share a handful from various platforms, genres etc, ones that I am excited about.

[Side note: I will put them in order of the release date that I have as of writing this. Obviously release dates get changed all the time with games. Also, as I haven’t actually got the games to hand, I will credit where I get any promotional pictures from. I hope I’m allowed to use them on my blog….will find out soon I guess…and I’m not including price as this changes as and when too.]

So here it is; a handful of September releases that would be #greatforgametography :

Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha looks super interesting and colourful; and given what some of the press kit pictures look like, it would be a great game to take some pics of it. It says on their website, info below, that it is a mix between platformer, puzzle and stealth, and being released on all major consoles, including the Switch…It’s tempting to get it on that. Pictures and more information can found here: this link. The main website, Planet Alpha, also has some video/trailers of gameplay so go and take a look!

Release date: 4th
Platforms: PC/SW/PS/XB

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken

Look, Destiny 2 probably hasn’t had the best reception since its release. I got the game, but I have yet to get any of the DLC’s, but Forsaken looks pretty good. Destiny is one of those games that I wish had a photo mode (pretty please Bungie!) because some of the locations are very beautiful. That’s not to say that it is impossible to take pics within the game, I’ve seen some amazing pictures, but how much more amazing would it be if you had more control!? And look at some of these concept art/pictures of the new world; found here. Think of all the actions shot we could be taking!!

Release date: 4th
Platforms: PC/PS/XB

Spider Man

Spider Man

So much excitement for this game! I’m actually not sure if I shall be getting it at launch, I know I will get it at some point though (but then I didn’t last very long with God of War). It’s pretty much been confirmed that there will be a photo mode so this is going to be an exciting time for gametographers and of course gamers alike. You can find loads more videos and pictures of the game here.

WHO am I kidding, I will more than likely get it at launch. My poor wallet.

Release date: 7th
Platforms: PS

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

I have yet to play Rise of the Tomb Raider, I think it is on Xbox Game Pass so hopefully I shall get round to playing it…but it means I probably won’t get this for release. Having a look to see if Rise had a photo mode (for consoles), it doesn’t, so given this information, it doesn’t look hopeful OR the opposite, maybe enough people asked for one that they will include a photo mode for this game. But the fact that it hasn’t been confirmed, not sure why they would keep it a secret, doesn’t bode well. Again, more information about the game and videos and images can be found here.

Release date:14th
Platforms: PC/PS/XB



“Imagine an escape room set in a deranged mind…” This is how Transference is being advertised on their press site here, and I am instantly intrigued. Having actually worked in an escape room in real life, I really really want to try out this game, my only worry is that as is it available on Rift and Vive alongside normal formats, it will most likely be more immersive if played on VR. Maybe not.

I feel like some very eerie pictures could be taken in this game, although I will probably be more concerned about what was around the next corner…

Release date: 18th
Platforms: PC/PS/XB/PSVR/Rift/Vive

Life is Strange 2

I played through the first game years ago and I wish I had enough time to go back and replay it whilst taking some pictures, but with the second one coming out at the end of the month maybe I will get this instead! Would make a bit more sense.  Thought I’d share a video of this one, seeing as there didn’t seem to be many pictures available, more information can be found here. Looks like it is the first of 5 episodes…so this one I might wait until the whole game is out, not sure.

Release date: 27th
Platforms: PC/PS/XB

Last thoughts…

There are so many games coming up in the next few months, or year even, that I am so excited about; for various reasons. There will be some that I shall be getting at launch, there will be others that I will have to wait for, there will be some that have a photo mode and there will be most that don’t. Luckily having a photo mode doesn’t necessarily matter, you can still take pictures. But I am excited to see what amazing photography gametographers produce with these games over the next month and beyond.

NEXT WEEK: I think I am going to do some mobile game gametography…check out what is available in a different format.

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts on the games that would be #greatforgametography ?

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