The part where Spider-Man actually made selfies cool

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I have never been a fan of selfies either of me doing them of myself or of other peoples (sorry! Saying this, ironically the profile picture for all my social media platforms is basically a selfie…*shrugs*)


I think Spider-Man has one of the best features in a photo mode ever – the selfie camera option. It’s very fun…

…..and now, of course, I have become just a little obsessed with taking selfies of Spider-Man; mid-swing, running, climbing walls, after webbing up bad guys, in various suits….you get it, I want to take a selfie of it, or of Spider-Man rather.

So below is a collection of Spider-Man selfies!

I finished the game the other day, Sunday…and wow, just wow. Will say more about my opinions in other posts but I enjoyed this game so much. THAT ENDING THO! I will not spoil it, but mannnnn what a heartbreaker. Insomniac Games outdid themselves and I cannot wait for the DLCs and perhaps a Spider-Man 2 in the future.

Let me know what you guys thought of the game…

Thank you for reading!

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