The part where I’ve had the Spider-Man theme tune in my head for over a week now

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Firstly let me share the first two pictures that I took in this game:


I tweeted this at the time, but I wasn’t interested in this game. It was not a game that I was going to buy or preorder and I had completely missed the hype train. I saw footage of it during on of the E3 presentations, but I still wasn’t going to get it.

You get my point right.

Then Insomniac Game tweeted about the photo mode:


That is when my mind was changed. Fickle I know. I don’t think I knew that Spider-Man was getting a photo mode up until then…like I’ve said I missed much of the hype around the game. Better yet, as the the tweet states, it was going to be included day one, not as a future update. The decision was made. I was going to go into town and buy the game on its release.

I honestly didn’t think I would like this game so much, apart from the photo mode, which I discuss a bit below, I think it was the web slinging/swinging that got me straight from the start. I can just do that ALL day! Who needs fast travel? Well you do to get one trophy for fast travelling, but that’s only a total of five times, otherwise I seriously did not mind just swinging from one end of the map to the other between missions.

The Game

There are better reviewers out there that can do justice to actually talking about the game. I just wanted to say that I hardly know anything about Spider-Man or the Marvel Universe or anything like that. Which is a shame, I wish I did know more because I know that half of the easter eggs and little bits and bobs added to the game probably went completely over my head. I don’t know much about the lore behind all the suits for example (I’m sure someone has written a post about this though so I can up a bit about it). However, this didn’t stop me from liking the game, not knowing the small bits did not spoil the big aspects. Even the MJ and Miles parts did not annoying like it sometimes does with other games. And as I completed the missions and side missions you get to explore the city and take some pretty interesting pictures;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Photo Mode

As I stated yesterday, I think the selfie mode is a great addition to the Spider-Man photo mode. I think it reflects the ‘youth-ness’ (I think I just made up a word) of Peter Parker and the ‘selfie’ society he lives in; even taking selfies with some of the NPCs in some great interaction moments.

The distance focus and aperture options, not forgetting my favourite ’tilt’, lets you take some great portrait pictures and as this post shows, “How to do ‘dramatic’ Spider-Man portraits“, there are some really cool techniques you can achieve simply by using the photo mode. There are, of course, some things missing like an exposure option (which I find really weird to not have as an option) but I am sure they can make updates and add/change things when they want….and if they want of course. Luckily, once you have completed the main storyline you can change the ‘time of day’, so you have day, sunset and night options, via the research stations. Which is really handy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am definitely going to do a second play through at some point. I need more pictures of MJ and more action type shots. I am really bad at those because I am usually concentrating too much on not getting killed that I forget to take them. I still have yet to 100% each district and I am trying to aim for the platinum trophy (not sure if I will do a post on this topic) so I still have a little bit to do until then.


All in all I do not regret getting this game, it has shot up there as my top three favourite games of the year (so far).

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