[SPOILER warning – there might be some spoilers in this post, especially if you have yet to finish Spider-Man!]

Dear gamers and gametographers,

Breaking news!


I got the platinum trophy for Spider-Man on Wednesday, and I am quite chuffed with myself. I know it’s not anything to be putting on my CV, haha, but considering I wasn’t even going to buy this game up until about a week before its release and I have never felt the urge to go for the platinum trophy on any other game (even games that I have absolutely loved) I think that I’m allowed to have a little celebratory moment.

I actually did quite well with the trophies up until the Challenge type ones. Those were tricky as for each type of Taskmaster challenge you have to get Spectacular or better (i.e. a certain number of points depending on how well you do/how fast you complete the challenges), and you get tokens from this. Therefore the ‘purchasing all the suits’ trophy also depends on these challenges, because you needed a certain amount of challenge tokens for some of the suits. And that is where I knew I might stumble in my quest for the platinum trophy, because I was shit as these challenges. Below is actual proof of this statement:

Me web swinging to the challenge without a hitch VERSUS me trying to complete the challenge…

Determination was my friend during these challenges, I really really wanted to get the platinum. AND I did it, after doing the same bomb challenge over and over to get the ONE token that I needed, I finally got enough tokens to buy that last suit that I needed to unlock my last trophy (the Spirit Spider one; which is also my least favourite suit by the way and that’s why it was last).

Photographic proof I got the plat…


One measly trophy

So, how did I feel when the trophy badge popped up in the top left hand corner of the screen and it automatically took a picture for me…well obviously I was quite pleased with myself.

I definitely had a great sense of achievement, I felt like “now belong to the #begreater clique”.

But did it make me want to start up all the other games I have played, at least maybe all the slightly recent ones like Assassin’s Creed: Origins or Horizon Zero Dawn – two games I have spent many hours playing – and go for the platinum in those….

no. It didn’t. I don’t even know how close I am to getting the platinum trophies in those games. *instantly goes to check PSN Profiles*

  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins = 48 out of 68 trophies
  • Horizon Zero Dawn = 53 out of 79 trophies

So not actually that bad. [By the way PSN Profiles is a great site that basically lists all the trophies you can achieve within a game, and if you make an account, will give you information about what trophies you have completed, how to do them if you are stuck and what you still need to do – in case you have never heard of the site.]

And if you needed anymore proof, here is my PSN Profile…


As you can also see, trophies have never really been something I have ever been bothered about or chased.

I am proud of my one lonely platinum trophy though. Some will laugh at the fact I only have one platinum and only 363 trophies in total. Because, to some, trophies are life.

The trophy chasing life

I first heard of Hakam Karim, aka Hakoom, kinda unfortunately actually, as a meme.  Which I was going to post here, but I changed my mind as my intention for this post is to not poke fun at him, but if you missed it I would just Google it but you probably know which one I mean; it looked like he hadn’t slept for a year. But this was the way I first heard that he had managed to gain 1200 platinum trophies. I believe the first person to do this feat.

This was back in April 2017.

Since then this is what his PSN Profile looks like;


OVER 1600 platinum trophies! Over 2000 completed games, nearly 70,000 trophies all-together. This screenshot was taken just the other day and he is world rank #1. (I can only assume he has probably gained another platinum trophy since I took this screenshot! haha)

In an article posted by Eurogamer last year, found here, Hakam explains his process. He has a job, he laments that playing with friends slows down the speed in which he gains trophies and comments that he wished he had more recognition from PlayStation themselves (which I would kinda agree with really). The article, however, ended with this statement from Hakam, in which he declares;

“I would like to end it every day, but I am just too addicted to trophies, so I can’t.” (Hakam, Eurogamer article)

Last thoughts

“…so I can’t.”

This got me thinking. Not only was this a bit of a sad statement, it highlights the addictive nature of these seemingly innocent, not even real, digital trophies, that even the worlds number one ranked gamer did not even get much recognition for!

Therefore, as much as I love gaming, I am glad that I’m not addicted to ‘chasing the trophies’. Because I can become a bit OCD about things when I want to. Indeed, for Spider-Man I actually wrote down all the trophies so that I could tick them off as I got them, know what I actually needed to aim for and count down how many left I had to get. As you can see in the below picture (which only shows two pages out of three);

POTENTIAL SPOILERS! If you don’t want to know what some of the trophies are. Also, excuse the handwriting and any spelling mistakes…


I don’t honestly think I would want to do this for all the games that I would like to get the platinum trophy for, which would be all the games I play, because this is what I would do. Write lists like this. And tick them off as I went along. I am probably going to have to do this for when the Spider-Man DLCs come out (cannot wait for these! So excited!) as I would expect them to have some new trophies to get. But I think that after a while it would take away from the actual gaming (although you could argue stopping to take pictures every five minutes does the exact same thing, so I don’t need any more distractions). Because most trophies are there to be a challenge, of course, I did find myself thinking about what I was needing to do to get the trophy, such as trip mine ten enemies together, rather than concentrate on the game itself.

Obviously, some trophies are going to be easier than others to gain. For example, the Taskmaster type trophies really started to annoy me. This meant I wasn’t doing the challenges because I thought they were fun, I would have tried them but if I didn’t need to have gained so many points to get tokens I wouldn’t have stressed out so much over them – I found them hard, ok? I don’t want to get that annoyed at points in every game that I play just for a trophy.

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be trophies, I’m just surprised that I even wanted to try and get one considering I had never been bothered before and then I’m more surprised that after gaining one I don’t suddenly have the insatiable need to platinum other games and every PS game I play in the future. I’m not saying that I wont ever platinum a game again, but *shrugs* I might, I might not. Who knows.

What I do know is that I knew I wanted to platinum Spider-Man about twenty minutes into playing the game. A testament to how much I enjoyed it, along with millions of other people. The lure for this particular platinum was just too strong, and I knew I would try everything to get it. I think it was almost my way of ‘showing’ (I mean I doubt they check these things really) the devs just how much I enjoyed the game, in a weird sense. Like I do with my gametography.

I am happy I got it, but I am even more happy that it didn’t take me months to do and I am even more happy that I haven’t delved into a vicious circle, like Hakam, where I have to gain the platinum trophy for each and every game, whether I want to or not.

What do you folks think? Do you chase trophies? Do you have to platinum every game you play, or do you just do it for the special games? Do they enhance your gaming experience, make it worse or are you just not bothered at all? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! Happy gaming!!


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