NEWS: Red Dead Redemption 2’s Photo Mode

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[EDIT: so this is the second time I have had to post this as technology seems to hate me this week and for some reason and it decided to post nothing but the title (which had a bloody spelling mistake in it anyways…FML)]

I thought I would try and do a bit of a ‘News’ section for my blog; just for when something of interest pops up, especially if it is regarding gametography and photo modes within games.

For my first ‘news’ type post then, I have recently read more information about the photo mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, I don’t think this is breaking news or anything, I think the fact the game was getting a photo mode has already been released, however, more details about the photo mode have been discussed as I guess people who are luckily enough to have reviewed it or gotten some early access gameplay of it.


I have to say the way that photo mode is being introduced to the game is not how I expected. I just assumed that it would be a feature, as with most game like God of War or the new Spider-Man, that would be available from the start via the options/pause menu.

However, with RDR2 it seems like you have to complete a quest, I’m guessing this will be a side mission and not part of the main storyline (could be wrong!), and then your character is given a camera – an oldie style one to keep up with authenticity and is able to take selfie style pictures. Now, I have literally just written about Spidey making selfies cool again, so this is great! I am pretty sure we will be able to take ‘normal’ gametography pictures too, of landscape for example, so even better. I just hope that you don’t have to wait too long to get the camera, but the details about this seem slim.


That’s about it for this post tonight! These News posts are never going to be that long anyways.

I never played the first game, so I am quite excited about this one!


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