The part where Lara becomes the Tomb Raider

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Starting the game

It actually hasn’t been that long since I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider.

And there is one major difference between the two games and that is the addition of photo mode in Shadow. It is not the best photo mode (I actually had many glitches while using it forcing me to have to reset more than I liked) but at least it is there as an option; and when it worked it worked well.

The start of the game doesn’t go too well with Lara, who manages to set in motion some very bad events. Cue the plane crash that barely makes a scratch on Lara. Then cue the finding out how to stop the apocalypse.

What I also felt was different from Rise was that there were some actually scary (to me) parts in the game – jump scary. This never happened in Rise.


But Lara being Lara, she doesn’t give up and obviously sets out to fix what she broke.

And you don’t want to mess with Lara…

I’m not ashamed to say that I play games on easy mode (sometimes games will even have a story-mode, so easier than easy, that I will always choose); I pretend this is because I want to focus on taking pictures but really it’s because I’m not that skilful a gamer and I found Rise challenging at points even on easy. The combat for Shadow I found really really easy to be honest. It’s the part where you ‘had to make a run for it’ that I found so difficult because I find the controls for these games quite ‘clunky’ – I don’t really know how else to describe it. So I would jump forward but somehow Lara would manage to jump to the side, which got quite frustrating at points.

Scenic shots

With photo mode I managed to take more pictures of the environments and scenery than with Rise (as least that’s what I think).

***Spoilers from here*** just to warn you.

Young Lara

At one point you go back in time and get to play as young Lara. I can see why they did this, the whole narrative is the journey of Lara becoming the Tomb Raider, and you get to see the reaction of her fathers death via a younger Lara.

Jonah and friends

One of my favourite aspects of the game was the other characters, especially Jonah. Every time you think he is down and out he just pops right back up. haha.

The end battle

The end battle was….interesting. From what I gathered he turns into a God and yet Lara can incapacitate him with some bullets? I don’t know. As end boss battles go, it wasn’t a favourite of mine. But, once you have defeated the bad guy, I liked the little twist at the end…

Favourite outfit

My favourite outfit had to be this little green ensemble. Mainly because green is my favourite colour.

Last shots

So here are some of the last shots (just before the final boss fight).

I enjoyed playing as Lara. From not playing a Tomb Raider game ever to having played two in like a month I feel very spoiled but I also cannot compare them to the originals (which may be a good or a bad thing). Overall Rise and Shadow were enjoyable – they had faults, sure, but for newbies to the franchise like me these games are a nice introduction to the badass Lara is.

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