I’m Louisylou (louise-e-lou) and I love gaming and I love photography so I thought I would start to showcase my gaming/digital photography as I spend as much time taking photos as playing the objective of the actual game itself!

I play on Playstation 4 but I have recently bought myself a Switch and an Xbox – so expect some from those soonish. Otherwise I will be uploading my photos as and when I get to play, which isn’t often enough (I’m a PhD student). I almost think this will be like a gaming diary of mine, documenting what I play, when and my progression through the games.

Photomode is great and I love experimenting – although not all games have Photomode but sometimes I think having the in-game ‘noise’ like maps, inventory etc sometimes adds to the picture…but at the moment I’m mostly playing games with an inbuilt Photomode 🙂

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